Form 5: IELTS Sentences – Food

Writing Task 2 Theme-based Sentences – Food

Typical sentences about food - paragraph 

  • In terms of fast food, many people choose the less healthy option because it is both cheap and all-in-one (一應俱全).
  • Certain fast food chains are convenient because they use low-quality, heavily processed (加工) ingredients and ships them in bulks (大批) from the least expensive producers.
  • This business model (商業模式) is effective because people have busy lives and want to spend as little time and money on their meals as possible.
  • Therefore, international fast food chains succeed despite the negative effects they have on health and the environment.
  • Regarding food education, the rise of fast food means fewer people know where their food comes from and how it is prepared.
  • As an example, large food companies often import ingredients such as produce (農產品 n.) from locations around the world, which requires the use of preservatives (防腐劑) and chemicals.
  • It is possible that attempts to educate people about food have failed because people like the convenience, cost and taste of fast food and are in denial about (否認) how bad processed food is for them.

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