Form 5: IELTS Sentences – Population

Writing Task 2 Theme-based Sentences – Population

Typical sentences about population - paragraph 

  • In terms of population growth (人口增長), an aging (老化) population reflects that a country is highly developed.
  • For instance, longer life expectancy (平均壽命) signify (表示) a higher quality of life.
  • Better healthcare, a safer community and more developed infrastructure (基礎設施) all improves people’s lives and help them live longer.
  • Therefore, an aging population represents positive developments have occurred (發生) in a country.
  • Regarding international population growth, countries with aging populations help keep the world population increasing at a slower rate (率).
  • As an example, a high proportion (比例) of senior citizens (老人) signifies that people are not having as many children.
  • Although this means there are fewer young people to support the elderly population, it also means there will be fewer people to puta strain (勞損) on environmental recources.

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