Form 5: IELTS Sentences – Education

Writing Task 2 Theme-based Sentences – Education

Typical sentences about education & work

  • In terms of monetary (金錢的) benefits, students who study math and science subjects usually secure jobs with clear carreer (事業) trajectories (軌跡).
  • As an example, engineers have an average starting salary (起始月薪) of HK $20,000 and a promotion every three years.
  • Since students should be financially independent (財政獨立) after they graduate, they should be able to fend for themselves (自謀生路).
  • As a result, studying practical subjects will help students pay the bills and support themselves in the future.
  • For instance, there are not as many jobs available to them at graduation, and the promotion prospects (展望) are unclear.
  • Regarding the skills learnt, math and science subjects train students’ analytical (分析的) and critical thinking abilities, preparing students to become doctors, scientists and architects (建築師).
  • For instance, people in these professions (專業) help solve real-world problems such as cancer (癌症), AIDS (愛滋病) and diabetes (糖尿病).
  • Solving these problems would help people become healthier and increase the population’s average life expectancy (預期壽命)
  • Therefore, practical math and science subjects should be favoured (偏愛的) because they are more likely to increase quality of life.
  • In terms of equality of opportunity (平等機會), education is a basic right (人權) and not a privilege (特權).
  • Since education trains people how to think critically and be productive in society, it is crucial (至關重要的) that we give students the skills they need to contribute effectively in their future jobs.
  • Regarding the affordability (支付能力) of education, students have absolutely no choice in the social status (社會地位) of their families.

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