Form 5: IELTS Sentences – Crime

Writing Task 2 Theme-based Sentences – Crime

Typical sentences about crime - paragraph 

  • In terms of safety, it is important to prevent crime as much as possible.
  • For instance, if people are afraid to leave their homes because of crime, both commerce (商業) and community suffer.
  • Crime prevention can be accomplished (完成) through education and culture.
  • Therefore, nurturing (培養) a culture of safety results in a higher quality of life, and a higher quality of life leads to more safety.
  • Regarding ways to decrease crime, prevention (預防) is better than punishment (懲罰).
  • As an example, outlawing (取締) violent video games makes it less likely that people will have the idea to commit a crime.
  • Violence is an irrational (無理的) reaction, so a society that allows a little violence cannot be protected from that violence getting out of control.
  • As a result, societies that eliminate (消除) all expressions of violence (暴力), such as those in video games, see less crime.

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