Form 5: IELTS Sentences – Advertising

Writing Task 2 Theme-based Sentences – Advertising

Typical sentences about advertising - paragraph 

  • In terms of mental health (心理健康), advertisements often create unrealistic expectations by suggesting that what is being advertised will change one’s life in some way.
  • For instance, many women who read fashion magazines report feeling self-conscious (自己介意) about their appearance (外表).
  • Clothing advertisements in fashion magazines often feature very thin models, which suggests that buying the clothes being advertised makes a person slimmer.
  • Therefore, advertising can lead to low self-esteem (自尊) and even eating disorders (飲食失調) such as anorexia (厭食症).
  • Regarding consumerism, the goal of almost all advertisements is to make people buy things.
  • As an example, advertisements often encourage people to “supersize” (加大) their meals at fast food restaurants or buy more than one item.
  • It does not matter to large companies if a person needs or can afford what is being advertised to them because making a sale (銷售) is the only important thing.
  • As a result, advertising can lead to having too much belongings (財物), buying low-quality items and even becoming shopaholic (購物狂).

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