Form 5: IELTS Agree/Disagree – Internet & goals

Writing Task 2

Internet access helps young people and workers achieve their education and work goals more easily than before. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample Answer – Band 8+

For some people, the Internet has efficaciously assisted the young and laborers in fulfilling academic and occupational targets with considerably more ease. From my standpoint, while there are still specific issues, the Internet is indeed a vessel for students’ and workers’ progression in their respective fields.

As a tool for youngsters and employees, the shortcomings of the Internet should be addressed. One problem is Internet accessibility’s global inconsistencies. Many countries, such as Somalia or Venezuela, endure frustratingly slow Internet connection or an overall lack of Internet access. Thus, young people and workers here would miss the chance of benefiting from the Internet, most of whom need this opportunity the most. Furthermore, with the development of the Internet comes the rise of cybercrime. As more institutions and organizations become targets of online threats, students and laborers would be in more risk of data breach, harmful ransomware, or cyber predators committing online exploitation. This growing menace may cause irreversible damage to individuals’ studying and working process.

However, the Internet’s contribution to students and laborers’ accomplishments are much more significant than in the past. Firstly, it offers high-quality yet cost-effective education opportunities to learners worldwide. Some prestigious universities (Harvard, Yale, or Stanford, for instance) have launched free online courses of international standards, covering a wide array of subjects and topics. These provide a chance for less well-off learners to gain access to prime education and hence, giving them a competitive edge once finished. Secondly, workers can reach a broader range of customers and better engage with clients by virtue of the Internet. Businesses, albeit big or small, may reach large audience with properly targeted advertisements online. The availability of Internet connection also allows firms’ staff to enhance customer service, promptly solving real-time concerns of clients notwithstanding the location or time. The ease of building and maintaining a lasting relationship with customers contributes substantially to a worker’s successful professional career.

To conclude, the Internet, despite particular flaws, plays a critical role in the flourishment of young people and laborers’ education and career paths. For a future in which more individuals can benefit from the Internet, collaborative efforts must be made between Internet providers and governments to introduce imperative infrastructural changes.

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Sample Answer – Band 6+

Many people believe that the use of the Internet plays a crucial role in helping youngsters and employees to attain their academic and occupational ambitions faster than in the past. In my opinion, I totally agree with this point of view.

Firstly, students could use the Internet as a source of knowledge. It can be explained by the fact that there is an abundance of academic materials on the Internet. If students find it challenging to perceive any areas of knowledge, they can search on social media or on websites to find the answer. For instance, IELTS students who are revising for their upcoming test are more likely to search for sample writings on BBC Learning English to enhance their writing skills. As a result, it would be easier for them to achieve higher band score thanks to learning resources on the Internet.

Secondly, the Internet has a profound impact on communication at workplace. Historically, people had to commute to work in order to conduct a meeting with the board of directors. However, the situation has changed recently due to the fact that inferior staff and their superiors could exchange information via virtual applications such as Microsoft Team or Google Meet. Hence, the productivity has a tendency to soar rapidly since the Internet helps to facilitate communcation in an organization.

In conclusion, the Internet has made it easier for the young and laborers to accomplish their education and professional feat by providing materials for students and facilitating interaction at work Therefore, I agree and support this perspective.

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