Form 5: IELTS Sentences – Work

Writing Task 2 Theme-based Sentences – Work

Typical sentences about work 

  • Rigidly equating (使等同) success with career performance is demeaning and causes one to lose his or her self-dignity and respect for others.
  • When people overstretch themselves in the hope of being recognized (認可) and promoted, they are more likely to sacrifice their health.
  • Besides, interpretation of success varies (差異) from one person to another and its standards cannot be exclusively determined.
  • As a result, for the sake of nurturing a welcoming society that embraces individuality (個性), we should value and take pride in the facets of life that deliver meaning.
  • With competition becoming increasingly fierce in the workplace, whether or not one’s success is to be equated with his or her career performance has triggered (引發) a heated debate.
  • People become increasingly self-centred and unappreciative when success is so narrowly defined (定義) by career achievements.
  • Hence, people who value themselves singularly by their career highs suffer badly, as they are doomed (注定) to be overwhelmed by the onerous burden as well as their poor work-life balance.

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