Form 5: IELTS Sentences – Technology

Writing Task 2 Theme-based Sentences – Technology

Typical sentences about technology (a well-developed paragraph - advantages)

  • In terms of mobile phones bringing people closer together, these technological devices enable people to stay in touch (保持聯繫) no matter where they are.
  • For instance, smartphone applications such as email or WhatsApp, an instant messaging service (即時通訊服務), help people in different parts of the world communicate with one another.
  • Therefore, wireless communication networks facilitate (促進) communication and make people’s lives easier and more convenient.
  • Regarding time efficiency (時間效率), computers are an expedient (快捷) way for people to find information instantly.
  • As an example, Wikipedia is an online, open-source (開源) encyclopedia (百科全書) that lets people browse for factual (事實的) knowledge, and is a website which lets people catch up (追回) on the latest news.
  • Using these websites, people are able to quickly find accurate (準確) information and news without having to browse through (慢慢翻看) books and newspapers.

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