F5 IELTS Speaking: “Favourite Advertisement” (topic card)

Speaking Part 2 Sample Answer – Favourite Ad

Describe an advertisement you like.

You should say:
• what type of advertisement it is
• what product or service it advertises
• where and when you first saw it
and explain why you like it and think that it is effective

• Think quickly a familar product (e.g. the iPhone)
• Remember you do not need to speak on topic.
• Flow of ideas – iPhones – what can they do – feelings about the iPhone – technology etc.

• By making the topic about “iPhone”, it opens up a lot of ideas – you may even talk about technology in general

Well, that is a hard question. If you ask me about an advertisement that I really like, I would have to say it’s the iPhone commercial. Being an iPhone user myself, I have always been impressed with the innovative features and design of the iPhone, and this advertisement captures its essence perfectly.

The visuals in the advertisement are stunning, and the music is both catchy and emotional, making it a truly captivating experience. It makes me feel proud to be an iPhone user and reinforces my belief that I have made a great choice in investing in this product.

Furthermore, the advertisement effectively communicates the benefits of owning an iPhone. It highlights how the phone can be used for a wide range of activities, from capturing beautiful photos and videos to staying connected with loved ones and accessing the latest apps. As someone who uses my iPhone for both personal and professional purposes, this resonates with me deeply.

What I particularly appreciate about this advertisement is how it emphasizes the reliability and durability of the iPhone. As someone who relies heavily on my phone for communication and productivity, the fact that the iPhone is a high-quality product that will last a long time is very important to me. Overall, the iPhone advertisement is not only a well-crafted and effective piece of marketing, but it also speaks to me on a personal level. It reinforces my belief that I have made the right choice in investing in an iPhone and highlights the many benefits that come with using this product.

Changing the product (Coca-Cola)

  • happiness is the value of Coca-Cola
  • refreshing
  • joy and positivity
  • brings people together
  • not healthy
  • obese, diabetes

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