Form 5: IELTS Sentences – News & Media

Writing Task 2 Theme-based Sentences – News & Media

Typical sentences about news & media - paragraph

  • Regarding the benefits of reading the news (via the Internet/on television), paying attention to social issues hones (磨練) people’s critical thinking abilities (批判性思考能力).
  • This would enable them to develop an independent mindset (想法) and help them better distinguish (區分) right from wrong.
  • As a result, people who read/watch the news tend to become more worldly (認識世界) and tend to develop a more informed (見多識廣) opinion on controversal (爭議) issues.
  • As an example, the news lets people keep up with (緊貼上) the latest economic, political and social issues.
  • Following the news helps students/adults/people become more knowledgeable and cognizant (認知的) global affairs (世界事務).

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