Form 5: IELTS Sentences – Travel

Writing Task 2 Theme-based Sentences – Travel

Typical sentences about travel - advantages paragraph

  • In terms of broadening their horizons (開闊視野), international tourists get to immerse themselves into a foreign culture.
  • For instance, Hong Kong people visiting Japan will experience the custom (習俗) and traditions of the Japanese.
  • Learning about other cultures is important because it gives people the opportunity to reflect on their own upbringing (成長經歷).
  • Regarding getting away from their normal routine, travelling abroad is an excellent way for people to escape from their mundane (平凡苦悶的) daily lives.
  • As an example, travelling to Thailand or Malaysia for weekend excursion (短旅行) can help people temporarily detach (脫離) themselves from the stresses and worries they face.
  • This is important because it helps people relieve (緩解) their pressure and makes them feel more refreshed (恢復精力).
  • Therefore, visiting a foreign country helps people recharge (充電) and become more productive when they rertun to school or work.

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